A couple of weeks ago, we cat-sat for Porter while his parents owners keepers servants were out of town. As far as cats go, Porter's pretty cool. Not only is he really pretty (can you say that about male cats?) but he's also very friendly and sociable. We spent the week petting him and feeding him and reassuring that his real servants would return soon. As a reward, he gave me this surprise:

A Cuisipro Cupcake Corer and Decorating Set! Cool, right? This is awesome for two reasons:

1. I can now fill cupcakes with things like icing, preserves, ganache, marshmallow fluff, and who knows what else, making them even more delicious than regular cupcakes. 2. As the baker, I think it's only right that while coring a batch of cupcakes, I get to eat all the cored centers, a.k.a. the best part of the cupcake.  Oooooh yeah.

And, as if the cupcake coring set wasn't awesome enough, along with it also came this:

Oh yes, a book all about decorating cupcakes. Porter sure does know me well! I am so excited about this book. I have already read through all the tips and how-tos and have begun flipping through the different tutorials and recipes. Soon, I'll be able to make a batch of little yellow duck cupcakes, monster cupcakes, and even some that look like weenie dogs! Minnie will be excited about those.  Now, I just need to find a reason to get baking...


I bought some new tenny shoes.

I might actually start doing some physical activity to justify the purchase. Eh, we'll see.


Sunday, while getting ready for church, we encountered a nuclear-grade meltdown. I dry my hair using a round brush, and I do it in three sections. This particular time, I had finished the first (bottom) layer and was working on the middle section. It was feeling pretty dry so I started to lay the hair dryer down on the counter so I could unclip the top portion, and that's when I screamed. Doc came running. There was hair ALL over the counter. My eyes were huge.

"Why is my hair everywhere?" I asked. "I dunno, but it smells like something's burning up here." Doc replied. "It does?" I apparently couldn't smell it.

And then we turned and looked at the floor and found a few of these:

CLUMPS of my hair melted together and no longer on my head. What the what?!?

We're guessing my hair dryer kicked up the heat a little and started burning my hair. I now have new unwanted layers in my hair, and lots of frazzled, fried ends. I'm still trying to decide what to do about that. I have, however, already purchased a new hair dryer.


Sunday afternoon, while I was still upset over my melted hair catastrophe, my mom called to let me know that sweet little Parker had been taken to the emergency room.  Funny how things can quickly get put into perspective.

It turns out the little guy fell off his chair while eating breakfast and busted the back of his head open. He and his parents spent about 5 hours at the hospital getting him fixed up.  His mom, Erin, sent me a pic when the codeine kicked in and made him high as a kite.

He's doing ok now, I think. Back to running around everywhere. You aren't a tough two-year-old until you've had four stitches on your head.


We were able to get lots of building done over the long weekend: two benches, a small coffee table, a console table, and something else that I'll be showing you tomorrow. I'm so excited about everything we're making and we have officially decided to have a shop sale!

We're shooting for Sunday, December 5 so mark your calendars! If all goes to plan, we'll have lots of fun things for sale that would make great Christmas presents. Plan to come shopping and check out our work!