iPhone Pics

We had the kids again this past weekend and I tried to snap the highlights of all of our doings with my phone.  Here they are!

  • Saturday morning started early with a 5K hosted by our local Farmer's Market.  Wyatt and Doc both participated and between the two of them, Wyatt won.  He shaved 3 minutes off his previous best time and beat Doc by a whopping 7 seconds.  Here he is approaching the finish line.

And here's Doc who was right behind him.

  • While the two of them ran, Anna and I wandered around the market and found a pen of puppies waiting for adoption.  We of course had to pick them up and love all over them.  They were a mix - maybe border collie and westie? 

They were the sweetest puppies and just wanted to snuggle with us!

  • After doing a little bit of shopping at the market, Anna and I headed home.  The boys hung around to hear the awards from the race.  Wyatt's age group was 10-19 and he ended up placing third.  His prize was a $5 gift certificate to the market so he brought home some sausages.  Yes, sausages.  Probably not what I would've picked...

  • One of my friends is hosting a shower next month and needed a table runner for the occasion.  I had found this really cute striped fabric on a remnant table that I thought would be perfect.  My mom kept telling me to bring the fabric to her house so she could help me, but I decided to figure it out on my own.  This is not my finest sewing job at all (I'm definitely still learning) but I think it still turned out cute.

  • Doc bought a bunch of supplies at Home Depot so we could tackle the yard.  This is about Round 38 of Operation: Grow Grass in Side Yard.  We've tried seeding before (but only halway committed to the project) and we've tried sod too.  This time, we actually had our yard sprayed first to kill the weeds, raked everything really well, and then put down every kind of dirt/fertilizer/seed growing magic we could find.  We've been watering diligently so hopefully this round will stick.

  • My dad has been itching to buy a fancy belt sander ever since a woodworker friend of his told him it's the only thing our shop is missing.  He finally ordered one and has been dying to use it.  This past weekend was finally the time.  After building an outdoor patio table, he got out his new tool (the table did not need sanding, mind you, but he just HAD to sand it anyway).  His friend had warned him that you have to be careful with a sander like this, it can eat through a piece of wood in no time.  My dad, being the daredevil that he is, threw caution to the wind and just went for it.  A few minutes later, my mom (who was inside the house) got a phone call from my dad (on his cell phone) insisting that she hurry out to the shop to help him.  To date, we've had no major injuries in the woodshop but my mom assumed that had finally changed.  She ran out expecting to find a bloody mess and instead, saw this:

That, my friends, is what happens when a fancy belt sander eats the tail of your shirt.  And then, if you try to turn it back on in hopes of releasing the tangled mess, it will only creep further up your shirt near your collar.  Or so I hear. 

As awesome is this story is, it gets even better.

He had to cut his shirt off his body to free himself.

We'll call that Fancy Belt Sander - 1; Dad - 0.

  • There's really no way to top that last story and I'm out of pictures anway, so we'll call that a wrap!  Happy Thursday, friends!