Happy Mother's Day to You!

I just scoured my computer for a picture of my mom and of Doc's mom only to find that I really don't have any!  Why do you two hide from my camera?  I guess I shouldn't be surprised since you're always behind the scenes running the show and making sure the rest of us are fed and happy instead of out front stealing the spotlight.  I'm going to make it my goal, though, to get more pictures of both of you so get ready! I hope you both know how important you are to Doc and me.  We could not survive without either of you.  Your encouragement, listening ears, sound advice, brilliant ideas, caring hearts, and helping hands have built us up and molded us into the people we are now.  Your love for Anna and Wyatt knows no boundaries and we can't wait for our littlest addition to get to meet you!

Thank you for being our friends, our biggest cheerleaders, and for loving us like only moms can. We love you both! Lucy and Doc