Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Last night when I got home from work Doc and the kids were sitting out on the front porch enjoying the light rain. I walked outside to join them and immediately noticed that Anna had sparkly hair.

She told me it's called hair "blang" and she got it at a salon yesterday. I nearly fell out when she told me how much it cost, especially since it's basically a few pieces of tinsel tied around a couple strands of hair. It's supposed to last 2-6 weeks, but I can't imagine that it'll hold for that long.

I actually like it much better than the hair wraps she usually gets, but I don't think her dad was a fan of the sparkly hair at all. He's being a good sport about it, though.

While we were outside I decided to grab a pair of scissors and give somebody a hair cut. And no, it wasn't this curly-headed boy. He wants to let his grow out until school starts.

Instead, it was this scraggly haired pup.

The hair on her ears was getting a bit long.

This picture is pretty bad but it shows all of her tufts of hair that stick out.

I'm not sure if any of you have ever tried this before or not, but it's very hard to trim the hair of a wiggly dog.

By the time I finally gave up, I had cut a pretty good amount of hair off.

I think her hair cut looks nice!

She's a little embarrassed about it but I keep telling her it'll grow back out.

And that was the most exciting part of our Friday night!