Blowing Rock, Day Three

Day three started with these....Mmmmmm.....

We spent all day Saturday out on the town. We did major damage at the Outlet Mall, which is why I have no pictures of this. Hey, I'm serious about my shopping. I can't be bothered with taking pictures when there are clearance racks to peruse.

Doc and I enjoyed a nice dinner out with my parents while the others stayed in with the babies.

Every night, after all the kiddos where tucked in bed, we grown-ups played this game:

Would you like to know the secret to being good at Catchphrase? Check it out:

Apparently, it's easier to get your teammates to guess the word if you use hand motions. Who knew? We played girls versus boys every night and I'm sad to say that the girls were not victorious. :(

As a blast from the past of my childhood, I bought some of these earlier in the day. They came in handy to ease the pain from the beating the guys gave us.

Don't we look like natural smokers?

What's the hardest puzzle of all time? I'll show you in the next post...