Birthday Boys

Today is my little buddy's fifth birthday. I missed his birthday party this past weekend since we were in New York. That's the first thing he said to me when I saw him on about a heartbreaker.  I was hoping he wouldn't notice that we weren't there.

I called him this morning on his way to school to sing to him and wish him a happy birthday. We talked for 10 or so minutes, but I have no idea what we talked about. I caught bits and pieces - something about a snapping turtle, a new red shirt, his bike, and the road is flooded.

He's turning into a little man.  I asked him if he woke up with whiskers today but he said "it's still just skin."

The title of this post is plural because his daddy's birthday is two days after his.

He's a lot older than five.

So, happy birthday to one of the coolest five-year-olds I know, and happy early birthday to his dad and my brother!