4th of July

I don't have much time to write but I do want to post some pictures from 4th of July before it gets to be too late.  This coming weekend is packed full of fun things so I know there will be different things to write about next week...better get these done now. Doc and I were invited to two parties to celebrate the holiday.  He got up early that morning to get in a round of golf and I headed down to the kitchen to work on some food stuffs.  Why is that I wake up at 6:00 on days when I could sleep in??  Since I was up anyway I got to work on my festive red, white, and blue strawberries.

This idea came via Martha Stewart and was all over the blogosphere last week.  How can she make things look so daggum easy?  The picture floating around the web made it look easy enough - dip a strawberry into white chocolate and then again into blue sugar for a patriotic effect.  I knew I already had some light blue sugar on hand so I thought I was set.  But making these things ended up being a pain in the rear!  If you dipped into the sugar too soon after dipping into the melted chocolate, the chocolate got messed up.  And you couldn't set them down to dry for a minute because then the bottoms would be messed up.  I wish you could've seen how I had my assembly line rigged up; I would definitely get points for creativity.

They were a lot more fun to eat!

I had a box of cake mix on hand, too, so I whipped up a batch of festive cupcakes.  They were dee-lish.

Party Number One was a family gathering at my brother's house.  I could see this becoming a tradition.  It's nice to have a pool to jump in during the middle of the summer!

This picture has to be posted, not just for the super cute fella but also for the towel.

Parker and his mommy gave Bren a new princess floatie for the party.

Can you count the ribs?

Jett gave Mimi a soaking wet hug when she arrived.

And then he jumped right back in!

Even Brennie had fun jumping into the pool.

She wore not one, but two floaties.

The big boys enjoyed playing water basketball.

And they also broke in the freshly painted patio set.

This little boy has gotten so tan this summer.  I'm so jealous!

He got thrown around a lot by his uncle Ben.

I just love Brennie's pig tails.

Party Number Two was later in the evening at our friends' house.  They grew flags in their flower bed!

And look!  More apple vases!

Kendra and Antonio were there...their last 4th of July as singles!

Wesley showed us how she splashes in her pool.

Her mom showed her how to hold her pinwheel in front of the fan to make it spin.

Cliff got the prize for most festive outfit.

I mean, his cap had a bottle opener.  You can't really beat that.

After everyone had eaten, it was time for the best part - sparklers!

We tried to take a girls' picture but we got photobombed.

Our hosts for the evening.

And just to prove we were both there, here's one of me and Doc.  I look a little sleepy.

We ended the evening with a mini fireworks show in the front yard.

And that's a wrap for our holiday.  It was a good day!