Paint Night!

Once again, Allison has beaten me to the punch and already blogged about our most recent paint night.  Go check out her post for more pictures! Have any of you guys done one of these Girls' Night Out paint parties?  They're the new fun thing to do, and I think most cities are catching on.  I know there are several different companies that do them in our area.  In fact, we've done this once before at a different location.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the scoop:  you sign up for a paint class and get to paint your own masterpiece.  Now, that might sound a little daunting to anyone that's uncomfortable with a paint brush, but these are almost fool-proof.  The price of the class buys your canvas and painting materials, and a professional artist guides you along so that you don't royally screw up your piece of work.  At most places, you can also bring in your own wine and food to make it a real party.  For this paint night, my friends and I all purchased a $20 Groupon.  Not a bad price for a girls' night out, especially since we got to come home with some new artwork for our walls!

I enjoyed this place a little more than last time because we got to stand up to paint and had a little bit more room.  There were also three different paintings we could choose from, or you could freestyle but we weren't quite brave enough for that.

Even with three paintings to choose from, we all picked the same thing.  Great minds think alike?

I didn't take any pictures of us in action, so these photos are 100% stolen from Mary Elizabeth.  Here we are all working on perfecting our backgrounds.

This could be me coaching Jenny on the perfect painting technique (like I know?) or it could be me scolding her for stealing paint off my plate.  A little sneak, that one...

(Looks like Jenny got cut off.  Karma?)

Here's Mary's painting about 75% of the way through.

I love the colors Mary chose for her painting.  This is it right after she had applied her texture.  This was a scary part since the texture medium is a different color when you apply it than when it dries.

And here are all the finished masterpieces.  I love that they're all the same, but still so different.  I think they'll look great in all of our houses!

I tried to snap a couple of pictures of mine when I got home.  I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

You can kinda see the texture in the trees here.  The texture medium I used was HOT pink when wet.  Talk about making me nervous!  I'm so glad it didn't stay that color.

We bought my mom one of these classes for Mother's Day so we've got another paint night coming up soon.  I can't wait!