Necklace Re-do

Back in August when we were in Greenwood, MS for a girls' weekend, my friend Sarah wore this cool necklace:

We all oohed and ahhed over it that weekend.  Sarah said she found it at a craft fair (I think) and while she really loved the idea of it, she didn't like that it had cheap beads in between the watch faces.  So, back in August, I offered to take it and revamp it a little and get rid of the plastic beads.

Here's a closer look.  The clear and silver beads in between each watch face are very cheap and very plastic.

I got right to work shortly after the trip to Greenwood.  I had decided to ditch the beads all together and hang each watch face from its own piece of chain.  I had several different chain types from my jewelry making days, so I also decided to use different colors and styles of chain.

The biggest watch face, pictured above, was centered on its section of chain.  The others I hung slightly off center so that instead of stacking up on top of each other, they'd lay side by side when the necklace was worn.  It was tedious work.  I counted links on each chain so that I could get my spacing right.  In my head, this new layout for the necklace was going to be awesome!

In reality?  Eww.

Yea, it looked bad.  Once I put it on to model it, I already knew it wasn't the awesomness that I had pictured in my head.  But if  I had had any doubts about it, Doc's reaction when he saw it solidified it.  This version of the necklace looked like part of an S&M outfit.  Not to mention that it tangled up after any slight movement.

So what'd I do?  I set it on a counter in our bedroom and walked away so I could think on it.  And there it sat.  And sat and sat and sat.  The cleaning ladies cleaned around it, Doc and I stacked stuff on top of it, and it just got more and more tangled up.

A few weeks ago I decided to clean out our built-in bookshelves and the counter the necklace was on.  I was tired of looking at it.  Since I knew I was going to be seeing Sarah again last week, it was time to try again.

This time, I strayed from the original length of the necklace and decided to make it long.  Instead of placing the biggest watch face in the middle like I previously had, this time I let it shine all on its own.  I put it on one side of the necklace by itself, and kept the four smaller ones together in a group.  I used a slightly bigger silver chain that I already had to attach them all together.

I forgot to take in-progress pictures.  Sorry.  But here's a shot (taken by Allison) of how the necklace looked when I finally gave it back to Sarah.

It may have taken me seven months (cue the "it's about time" jokes), but I think it turned out pretty cute.  I personally prefer long necklaces to shorter ones.  Hopefully Sarah does too and will get more wear out of it this way.

I was able to give the necklace to Sarah last Tuesday when we were both invited over to Allison's house for a birthday dinner.  You should read this post of Allison's to see the awesome six-layer birthday cake she made!