Adventures In Moving: Day 2

Day 2 started bright and early and, for my mom, started with kisses from Henry.

I've gotta hand it to my dad.  After his shower in the dark the night before, he got a little more creative the next morning.  He took the blind-free, curtain-free windows into his own hands and found a solution: polo shirts.

After seeing that, I decided Day 2 would be all about hanging curtains.  We could not go all weekend with all of our clothes hanging on the windows.  You'd be amazed at how long it takes to hang curtains in an entire house.  It lasted aaaall day long.  Especially since my helpers kept quitting on me.

We started in the downstairs bedroom and Dad was on the ladder.

While I supervised Dad, Mom steadily ironed so that the curtains wouldn't be so wrinkly.

First window done!

And then my dad quit and passed off the tools to Doc.

With the first room done, the boys tried to take a break but I pointed out that Mom already had the curtains ready for the living room.  Carry on, boys!

Somebody doesn't look very excited about hanging those curtains...

While the 3 of us worked our way around the downstairs, Nick was busy setting up the tvs and dvd players around the house.  This was originally the job we'd saved for my other brother, Ben, since he's the techy guy in the family, but at the last minute he wasn't able to make the trip.  I'm just glad Nick was able to step in and get it done...Lord knows I wouldn't have been able to do it.

After finishing the downstairs windows, Doc and Dad switched gears and started to work on the washer and dryer that currently weren't working.  Assuming we'd have access to them all weekend, Doc didn't pack enough clothes.  He either had to get them up and running or we were going to have to go shopping.

While they were out buying supplies, Nick, Mom, and I rolled out the rug in the dining room and completely rearranged the living room from how we'd done it the night before.

With Doc and Dad on laundry room duty, Mom and I recruited Nick to help us with curtain rods in the Jack and Jill rooms.  He couldn't help without the proper tools: beer and basketball.

Whatever it takes, brother.  Just climb the ladder and hang some curtains!

These two rooms took longer than expected because Dad and Doc (the new Frick and Frack) kept cutting the power to the whole house.  Apparently there were lots of issues with the washer and dryer.  But no power meant no ironing and no light and not a lot of progress made.  Henry took advantage of the pause in curtain ironing.

Eventually, we got the curtains hung in those rooms and Frick and Frack Jr. gave up on the washer/dryer unit, though not until after completely soaking a load of clothes.  Hunger set in so Doc got to cooking up dinner while I turned my attention to finding somewhere to do laundry.  We got really lucky because there was a laundry room in some nearby condos that we were able to sneak into.  Only problem was that it was on the second floor and we had a laundry basket full of sopping wet clothes.  Dad came to my rescue and lugged the basket upstairs, which is why it kinda looks like the wet his pants in this picture that was taken shortly after.

Also, if you send two boys to the store to pick up a tension rod for your all white bathroom, they'll come back with a black tension rod.  Take my advice: don't send the two boys.

With our bellies full, it was very tempting to collapse on the couches and call it a night, but we were just one room away from completing the curtains.  I begged them to push onward, and my sweet husband obliged.  I love that every time he hung a set of curtains, he also took the time to arrange and fix them.  It's like I'm rubbing off on him or something.

Mom and I cheered him on while he worked.

Poor Henry was so exhausted he couldn't even hold his head up anymore.  He'd had a long day of having to move from room to room with us.  Heaven forbid he stay in a room by himself.

And with the last of the curtains done, we called it a night!  Actually, I still had to go get the laundry, but then we were really done for the day.  We were all looking forward to drawing our curtains closed and sleeping later than sunrise the next day.

So there I go again, dragging one day out way too far.  Sorry.  Maybe I'll do better with day 3...