Weekend Highlights

Here's a quick recap of our last weekend! My weekends always start early since I don't work on Fridays.  After running some errands in the morning, my mom and I stopped in for lunch at the Arcade.  It was so delicious!

Doc brought the big kids home with him after work.  The weather was nice so we all spent the afternoon/evening playing outside.  Katie Wynn and I sat and watched the boys play basketball for a while.  (I promise I have on shorts in this picture.)

We got out a blanket so us girls could relocate to the yard.  Anna is rocking some half-purple hair this summer.  You can kinda see it on the tips in this picture.

This is probably my new favorite picture.  Both of our girls...so cute!

And for every sweet picture, there has to be a silly one too.

Saturday morning we got up and got to work!  We spent the first half of the day mulching all of our flower beds.  Not really what I had wanted to do that day but I am SO glad it's done.  It was also really nice that the big kids were here to help watch KW so we could work interrupted.  My job was to soak the newspaper and lay it down (weed barrier) while Doc and occasionally Wyatt spread the mulch on top of it.  Four days later and my legs are still sore!  (I also still have "grocery store feet" from the black mulch...)

At lunch time, this little girl was SURE she was going to eat some mac and cheese.  Nope, not yet, sweet girl.

The biggest event of the weekend was Saturday night when I surprised Doc with a party for his half birthday!  There will obviously be a whole post about this soon.

Katie bug got up early Sunday morning and I got up with her so the half-birthday boy could sleep in.  We ate a quick breakfast and then hung out outside on the patio.  It was the perfect place for a morning nap.

The morning wouldn't have been complete without some splashing in the dog's water bowl.  She goes for the dog's bowls ALL the time, and since I knew she was about to have a bath and get ready for church, I just let her go at it.  It's a small mess to clean up compared to how much fun it is for her.

Sadly, the pictures stop there.  After church we spent the afternoon at my parents' house.  I worked on the embroidery machine while he stained some boards out in the shop.  We've got a new house project in the works so hopefully I'll have that to share soon.  We got home in the early afternoon so we could clean house before our cleaning lady came on Monday.  You clean for your cleaning lady too, right?

What was the highlight of your weekend?