Christmas Home Tour

It's official: our halls have been decked!  Wanna see? This year, instead of a typical wreath, I wanted something for our front door that would really pop.  I found this lawn ornament at Pier One and sweet-talked Doc into turning it into a door ornament.

Isn't it cute?  I love it.  It's worth every penny I didn't want to spend on it.

Beside our front door are two planters.  The mums they held during the fall died a quick death and I suggested we buy little Christmas tree looking plants to replace them.  Doc was a little skeptical but he obliged and bought me the teeniest tiniest little trees you've ever seen before.  And I jazzed them up with some red Christmas lights.

Another new purchase I made this year was this doormat from Garnet Hill (on sale!).

Put all three of those decorations together and you get...our front entrance.

If that doesn't make you feel welcome, maybe the Christmas tree that you can see through our front windows will make you want to come in.

(While we're still outside, I should mention that if you look up, you'll see the lights on our balcony railing.)

So, anyway, come on inside!  First, you'll be greeted by these cute jingle bell trees on our cocktail table.

And if you look past the couch, you'll see the Christmas mantle.  If it's cold outside, chances are there will be a fire burning.

To the left of the mantle is the tree you saw glowing in the window.  Now, there are times when I think I'm pretty crafty, but I've gotta say, decorating a Christmas tree is not really one of my strengths.  But at least it's up!

These silvery things were a new addition to the tree this year - you put them over a light bulb so they can really shine.

As you probably noticed above, under our tree is chock full of presents!

Anyone hungry?  The dining table is set with my favorite peppermint plates.

One of my new favorite Christmas traditions is when the box arrives each year with our live bay leaf wreath from Doc's parents.  I love using it as a centerpiece on the table - the smell is divine!  It fills the Christmas-smell void that using a fake tree leaves us with.

So the bay leaf wreath is on the dining room table and it holds this clear bowl of peppermint ornaments.  You know I like things that match!

A complete view of the table setup:

If you wander into the kitchen, you'll see these cute wooden trees I made a couple of years ago.

Also in the kitchen is this wreath that has changeable themes.  After the 25th I can switch the reindeer out for a snowman.

Can't forget the hot chocolate mugs!  These are courtesy of my friend Allison.

A few weeks ago my nephew hit me up with his school fundraiser.  I ordered some paperwhite bulbs because my mom suggested them.  I had no idea how easy they would be to grow or how Christmas-y they would make my kitchen table look.  I may have started a new tradition!

Heading upstairs, you'll find these candles in the hallway.

I kept the mantle in our bedroom nice and just has these five small package ornaments on it.

Oh, it has our stockings hanging from it too.  The kids have yet to notice that our stockings are much bigger than theirs.  Shh, don't tell 'em.

On the door to our bathroom hangs this ornament, cause bathrooms need decorations too, ya know.

And, last but not least, is the Miss Winfrey tree in our bedroom.  What the heck is a Miss Winfrey tree?  Glad you asked.

My grandmother had a friend named Miss Winfrey.   She was a shorter lady, not big but not skin and bones either, and every time I saw Miss Winfrey, it looked like she might be wearing every piece of jewelry she owned.  She wasn't, of course, because Miss Winfrey had LOTS of jewelry.

In high school, I asked my mom if I could have a tree in my bedroom.  She got me a tiny tree from Wal-Mart and we bought lots of blue and silver beaded garland and ornaments and I put every last piece of shiny decoration on my tree.  I called my mom upstairs to see it and together, we stood back and took a look.  "It looks like Miss Winfrey," I told her.  And that's how the tree got her name.

Miss Winfrey followed me to college for a couple of years, and then she decorated my apartment when I lived by myself.  Now, since I couldn't bear the thought of getting rid of her, she lives in our bedroom.  This year her ornaments are red and lime green, and I love her just as much as the first time I put her up.

Well, those are our Christmas decorations this year.  All the traditional elements are there but you know what really makes the house feel Christmas-y?  Having it full of friends and family.  Come visit us - I'll serve hot chocolate and we'll sit by the fire and watch Christmas movies all night long!