First Season of T-Ball

As of this past spring, Katie Wynn is officially old enough to participate in team sports.  How is that possible?  I swear she was just born yesterday.

So, we signed up, paid the registration fee and bought all the necessary accessories (even though I pitched a fit about it because does a t-ball player really need their own bat, helmet, and bag?) and went to exactly one practice before the first game.

You guys, I laughed SO HARD during that first game that I could barely stand up at one point.  Did any one on either team have a clue what was going on?  I don't think so.  They were so funny to watch! 


We talked somewhat extensively about how to gently drop the bat after hitting the ball after the tee so that they weren't slinging the bat and knocking people out.  My girl?  She got a solid hit on her second try and then took off for first, carrying her bat with her.  When she made it to first base, she passed the bat on over to the coach.  No need to hold onto it anymore.  :)


The players got to advance one base after each player hit, so they rounded the bases every time at bat.  Here is a picture of Katie Wynn's first run from third base to way of the pitcher's mound. 


She did better at for her second at bat and remembered to drop the bat.  But this time, she followed the ball instead of running towards first.  Hey, I get it - everyone else was running towards the ball so it made sense that she did too!


Fielding is where we really saw our normally shy girl hustle and show some aggression.  She wanted to get the ball every single time!


The team's uniforms did not arrive in time for the first game, but Katie Wynn was super excited to get to wear it to the next one.  And everyone was thrilled the day the helmet arrived at the house!


Katie Wynn's team was the Houston Astros and so I had really built up the excitement for her uniform being orange (her favorite color) and matching the orange glove she picked out.  I had to do some major back-tracking when the uniform came in and it was navy.  There was just a tiny bit of orange on the hat.  And even that was a let down because "her name doesn't start with an H."  (I blame myself for that since I monogram everything she owns.)


I didn't really snap pictures again until the last game of the season, and man did this team improve!  By the end they actually knew they were playing a ballgame while out on the field and everyone knew which direction to run after hitting the ball.  Basically, ready for the major leagues!


This is what I like to call a "swing and a miss, power roundhouse."  Sometimes you just gotta do a little spin.  :)


One of the reasons Katie Wynn enjoyed t-ball so much is because her buddies were on her team.  One of the reasons I enjoyed t-ball so much is because I got to hang out with her buddies' mamas.


And while I really, really enjoyed watching Katie Wynn play ball, you know who her biggest fan was, right?


Thomas would've given anything to just get to hang out in the dugout with her!


After her last game, they got to line up and receive trophies.  She is SO PROUD of her t-ball trophy!


The fab four!


Matt was out of town for the last game so we had to take our family picture without him.


And now, for the professional pictures.  I absolutely love this one of her!  When I texted it to my Dad, he asked why I sent him a picture of Thomas.  He really thought that was him!  What do you think - does it look like Thomas to you?  (It does not to me but I do think not seeing her hair can throw it off.)


And finally, the sweetest team picture. All but 2 of the kids on the team go to the same school, so they knew each other pretty well.  (And because the hats make it hard to tell, the girls are all on the front row!)


What a fun season!  I can't wait til next year when we'll have two players on the team.  :)