Family Pictures

You know Christmas season is approaching when we have a family group text going of when we can try to schedule pictures.  And the older the kids get, the harder and harder it gets.  This year I think we squeezed them in right in between two people flying in from out of town and two others leaving for a basketball game.  Whatever it takes to get Mom's Christmas card picture, though.  Right?

Here is a family picture we took 6 years ago.  Ramer was the baby of the family and our two small kids weren't even on the scene yet!

IMG_5012 PS.jpg

Now that our family is finished growing in numbers (knock on wood), we met back at this same old house to recreate the photo.  Except, when we arrived, we realized someone had started sprucing up the house and cutting down the trees and it just didn't look as...interesting...anymore.  Whomp, whomp.  Still fun for a comparison, but this new picture won't be replacing the old one as one of my favorite family pictures.  

Sutton2017 (18 of 27).jpg

Mom did get another winner for her card, though, with this picture of her and Dad with all the grandkids.  

Sutton2017 (10 of 27).jpg

I was pretty pleased with the ones we got of our family.  I love this one and if I hadn't already ordered my Christmas cards, I would've used this one for our card!

Sutton2017 (15 of 27).jpg
Sutton2017 (17 of 27).jpg
Sutton2017 (1 of 27).jpg
Sutton2017 (5 of 27).jpg
Sutton2017 (3 of 27).jpg

All of these pictures were taken by Meghan Fowler Photography.  She got some good ones of everyone in the family!

Sutton2017 (7 of 27).jpg
Sutton2017 (22 of 27).jpg
Sutton2017 (21 of 27).jpg

I have been wanting a photo of me and Mom together to use for Mint Tulip and I love this one she took of us. 

Sutton2017 (26 of 27).jpg

As busy as everyone is getting, we should probably go ahead and start trying to pick a date for next year's family pictures now...