September Phone Pics

With all the time spent on building our handmade hideaway (seriously, ALL the time), you'd think we weren't able to squeeze anything else into September.  But somehow we did.  And here are the pictures to prove it. 

This first picture is one of my favorites.  As I've already shared, we had family pictures taken on Labor Day weekend.  I was trying to plan out each of our outfits before picture day and needed to try Thomas's new shorts on him to make sure they fit.  It was his idea to lay down with the other outfits to make sure he looked okay with them.  :)  Sure do love this little guy.


We went to a Friday night football game to root for the home team!  This was our first time taking the kids to see a game at my alma mater.  Pretty sure they were just there for the popcorn. 


How is it that every month I wind up with Katie Wynn and her chocolatey mouth on my phone?  She is so neat eating except when it comes to chocolate!


I got to have a mid-week morning date with my favorite little guy.  Unfortunately for him, it was because he had a doctor's appointment.  And we squeezed in a big boy haircut too.  


Speaking of mid-week dates, my Mom and I got to have one too!  We hit the road midday one Wednesday to drive to Little Rock for a little shopping and then a cookie decorating class!


I was so busy playing with icing that the picture above is the only one I took.  Everyone in the class got to decorate six cookies.  Ours don't look so bad from a distance.  :)  Notice they are not shown next to the instructor's set! 

My set of cookies

My set of cookies

Mom's set of cookies

Mom's set of cookies

Our kids go to Mass every Friday morning at the Catholic preschool they attend.  And for whatever reason, after Mass Father Charles draws pictures on the kids' hands and arms...with sharpie.  Every mother's nightmare.  He's known for drawing Snoopy.  One Friday I picked Katie Wynn up and asked her what she had drawn that morning and she told me all about her Snoopy, heart, and "S in jail."  What?!  I had to look at her arm to see what she was talking about.  A dollar sign, y'all.  $  "S in jail." Ha!


Speaking of preschool, Matt and I got to join the kids for a pizza lunch in the cafeteria the day before Katie Wynn's birthday.  I love having the flexibility to do this now that I'm not tied to my desk job! 


Later that night, we had Katie Wynn's birthday dinner where she got to blow out her first set of candles.  We put her to bed one last time as a four year old!


The tradition at our house is that on the morning of your birthday, you wake up to balloons!  The number of balloons equals the age that you're turning.  The kids have definitely caught on to this tradition and LOVE seeing the balloons when they wake up!


We also provided the sanctuary flowers on the Sunday of KW's birthday weekend in her honor.  I told the florist to do a colorful bouquet with lots of orange since it's her favorite color.  They came through!  (Photo taken after church when we were taking the flowers to our car.)


We showed up to our church's fall festival one Saturday and go figure that all the kids were in matching Hogs shirts with red gingham shorts!  


We spent lots of time during the month visiting different playgrounds too.  


And that's a wrap on another fun month!