Thomas is THREE!

If you've been hanging around here for a while, then you know when it's your birthday, you get woken up with balloons!  Katie Wynn was so excited about Thomas getting three balloons that she was the first one up.  She couldn't wait to deliver them!  Thomas?  He thought his three balloons were a real yawn.


We came home from our beach trip on a Tuesday and Thomas turned three on Thursday.  It was a daycare day for the kids and I let them pick out the kind of dinosaur they wanted for Thomas's bday shirt.  T-Rex (and a matching K-Rex) was the winner!


We quickly threw together a dinosaur-themed party for that Saturday.  The week was a whirlwind but we were glad to get to celebrate our little guy with a Three-Historic (prehistoric?) Party!


I didn't hire a photographer and all three cameras at the party had dead batteries, so I just have a few phone pictures.  I ordered inflatable dinosaurs that were scattered around the backyard for decorations.  The kids played with them and bonus - some kids got to take one with them as an extra party favor.  In one corner of the backyard, we filled a small plastic pool with sand and lots of plastic dinosaurs for a very official fossil dig.  


Have you ever heard of a kid that doesn't love to hunt eggs at Easter?  Me either.  That's why our other party event was a dinosaur egg hunt!  Since our party guests obviously didn't have Easter baskets with them, we passed out brown paper sacks for them to carry their dino eggs in.  

We took a quick family picture before heading inside for cake.  Did I mention it was blazing hot outside?


I made Thomas a chocolate cake wrapped in Kit-Kat candy bars and topped with Heath Bar "dirt" and two dinosaurs.  He thought it was cool but then told me he doesn't like chocolate cake.  Awesome.  Good thing I also made some mini vanilla cupcakes topped with tiny dinosaurs.


As we ate cake and ice cream, a real dinosaur burst into the kitchen!  Matt threw himself on top of it and started riding it until he was able to calm it down and get it under control.  What a hero!  He saved the party!


The kids burned off the sugar from the cake and ice cream by all jumping on our tiny trampoline together.  Amazingly, no one was injured while they were all crammed in there together.  


Here is Thomas riding out a sugar low and high from his rush of a birthday party day.  


It's really hard for me to wrap my head around my baby being three.  Wasn't he just born yesterday?  I try to tell him at least once every day that he is my very favorite little boy in all the world.  I love him big.