Sunflower Pictures

In the middle of July, I signed our family up for a mini photoshoot in a sunflower field.  And, bonus, the big kids were able to join us for it!  I'll leave it to you to guess from the pictures whether it was hot outside or not...

Thomas was the main grumpster during the shoot.  Usually Katie Wynn is too but we were able to get her to smile a little bit.  Him?  Not so much.  

Kristen Catt was our photographer and she did a good job of being patient with the little kids.  And I love that she took an individual picture of each one of them!  It's going to be hard deciding which ones to frame.

Our pretty girls...

And our handsome boys!

And then there's us...Mom and Dad.

I love doing these mini photoshoots throughout the year!  But, if we don't manage to squeeze in another one before December, act surprised when you see one of these on our Christmas card, ok?  :)