First Day of Pre-School

We have just completed our first week of preschool and what a fun, but exhausting, week it was!  I showed you in my last post the door hanger I made for pictures, and now I'm back to show it to you in action.  

In the past, Matt has taken the kids to daycare and I've had a few minutes on my own to get ready for work in peace and quiet.  But now that Katie Wynn can't be dropped off that early, I'll be taking her to school.  It's quite an adjustment to my schedule having her home with me and we have to get out the door quite a bit earlier too!  For the first day, though, we were up early and had time for some pictures.

A new school year meant a new matching backpack and lunchbox.  And she took an apple to give to her new teacher.  :)

As we drove to school, I prepared myself for clingy-ness and tears, but neither came!  She climbed out of the car with no hesitation and walked to her building just as brave as could be.  

Before going in, I tried to get her to sit on a pretty bench for a picture and she practically rolled her eyes and groaned at me about it.  I thought I had until the teenage years before that started happening.  :(

Walking into her classroom, two of her buddies were already there to greet her!

I am so glad she will be in class with Levi, Addi Clare, and Mason (not pictured).  I'm sure it made switching to a new school so much easier on her.

I briefly spoke with her new teacher, Mrs. Gladys, and then left her playing on the floor with friends.  I'll be honest, it made me just a little bit sad that she didn't need me, but I'm more glad that she was brave and being a big girl.  

As if a full day of school and after-school care wasn't enough for one day, Katie Wynn also started gymnastics on Monday!  It's her first extra-curricular activity and she was SO excited about it.  I took her to my niece, Bren's, gymnastics meet last spring and she has been asking ever since then when she could do it too.  She is in the youngest class (besides Mom and Tot classes) and it's just 45 minutes each week.

I was sitting pretty far away so my pictures were all zoomed in and grainy.  The gym looked old when I took gymnastics in it many, many years ago, so you can imagine how old it looks now!  Katie Wynn got to do exercises on the bar, jump off a spring board, do forward and backward rolls on a wedge mat, walk on the balance beam, and climb a mini rock wall and slide down.

Given her shyness, I wasn't sure that she would actually participate in the class, especially on the first day, but she had SO much energy there and jumped right in.  She had a hard time waiting her turn while others went and her teacher had to ask her to sit back down several times. 

She absolutely loved the class and had a slight meltdown on the car ride home when I told her she didn't get to go again the next day.  With such a long day and so much excitement, she crashed early and hard that night!

Since Katie Wynn is in a uniform now (bummer), I made Thomas a "first day of school" shirt to wear.  It was just another regular day of daycare for him in the same classroom, but I took pictures of him too so he wouldn't be left out.  :)

And here is Katie Wynn dressed and ready for day two.  She does not like wearing her jumper so she will more than likely wear her navy shorts and navy polo (I know! Bluh!) most days.  She's required to wear the jumper on Fridays, though, so at least we'll get to see her in it some.

By Friday we were all completely exhausted from our new routines!  We have spent today (Saturday) completely lounging around the house and being lazy.  Here's hoping we get adjusted soon!