Tie Challenge: Complete!

Well, here's another post that's long overdue.  I'm sure the Tie Challenge is long forgotten for most of you!  So here's a brief recap:

  • Matt has a lot of ties.
  • His tie rack broke and kept falling off, spewing ties all over our closet.
  • We decided to count just how many there are, one day at a time.

I'm not certain, but I think we started keeping up with his daily neck wear at the end of September.  And yes, we have a picture from everyday to prove it!  I would say 92% of these pictures were taken before 7am, which means I (the chosen photographer) was still half asleep.  In fact, flipping on the overhead light in our bedroom to take the picture was usually a rude awakening.  The other 8% were either taken in the evenings or by Matt himself while he was traveling for business.  Highlights from the pictures include one sleeveless day after a lost bet at work, two bow ties, and one cameo from Thomas.

If you'd rather not click through the carousel of pictures above, here is a quick video of Matt in all of his ties.

So just how many does he have?!?  

First, let's see what you all guessed:
Allyson H - 62
Jill L - 72
Marcia S - 88
Erin S - 74
Patricia E - 102
Allison C - 96
Bill E - 93
Catherine C - 90

Before I even started writing this post or even looked back to see the comments, Matt and I decided the prize would be a $25 Amazon gift card.  Nothing too exciting, but if you're like us, there's always something in your cart on Amazon.com.  :)

And if you'll remember from the original post, Matt was very confident that he'd be wearing his [tacky] Christmas tie on Christmas Eve just like every other year...

Well, the joke was on him when he got down to his final tie and it was only December 21st!  Not really a big deal since it was the week of Christmas (and not, say, Thanksgiving) but he definitely overestimated how long he thought his ties would drag out.  The weirdest part was deciding which tie to wear on December 22nd since all of them were available again and he'd already worn his Christmas one!  

After counting up all the pictures, and confirming with number of ties in the closet, the final tally came in at SEVENTY-TWO ties!!  And that makes the winner of the gift card Jill with a perfect guess!  Congrats, Jill...we'll get your gift card to you soon!

Thank you all for playing.  We'll think of some other ridiculous contest to do again soon.  :)