November Phone Pics

Along with our beach vacation in November, Matt and I were also lucky enough to skip out of town for a weekend without the kids.  (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)  We drove across the state to the Fayetteville area to hang with our friends, Emily and Andrew, and to help call the Hogs to victory over Florida!  Woo Pig!

This was Matt's first time to see a game in the stadium and I think we might've been the lucky charm of the day.  It was such a fun game to watch and we always love getting to see our friends!

Like every other month, Thomas was a ham.  The kid cracks us up.  He loves to wear anyone's clothes except his own.  Even the dog's...

We went to a bonfire with friends and there were glow sticks for all the kids to play with.  Thomas, the youngest kid there (that wasn't in a car seat anyway), managed to steal them all.

One last thing about Thomas - he LOVES the moon!  He spots it immediately when we go outside, even when it's day time and barely visible.  He gets so excited when he finds it and loves to point it out to us.  We raced down the street the night of the supermoon so we could take his picture with it.  It was so bright that night!

It's no surprised that I took pictures of the kids in cute clothes throughout the month...

We did have some sad news in November.  At 94 years old, Matt's Granddaddy left us for Heaven.  He moved into hospice care for a couple weeks before his final breath so we were somewhat expecting the news, but that's never easy news to hear, is it?  I didn't know it at the time, but the picture below was when Matt received the phone call from his Dad telling him that it had happened.  I just thought it was sweet that Thomas was following him around while he talked on the phone.  Now that I know what the call was, I like knowing that Matt had his little buddy right there beside him.  I like to think Thomas was taking care of his Daddy.  :)

We ended the month by putting up our Christmas decorations and getting ready for all that December brings.  

Only about nine thousand Christmas photos coming up next! :)