September Phone Pics

September phone pics comin' atcha before October is even halfway over.  Boom!  

The most important and exciting thing that happened during September was that Katie Wynn turned THREE!!!  I cannot believe I have a baby that old.  She will always be my little baby girl.  Anyway, I don't have her birthday pictures ready yet so I'm going to completely skip over it in this post.  It will get a full blown post (or two) of its own!  

At the end of my last post, I wrote that Thomas returned home from Florida with a fever.  We came home on a Wednesday and I had planned to use Thursday and Friday as major work days for our embroidery business.  We had a big fall trunk show right before we went on vacation so we had tons of orders to work on!  But, even after two doses of Tylenol the night before, T-Man still had a high fever Thursday morning so no daycare for him.  He was glad to get to go over to Mimi's with me so that he could lay around and nap with Charlie!  

His fever still wouldn't go down so I ended up taking him to the doctor Thursday afternoon.  No ear infections, just an unexplained fever.  (After three and half days of fever, it finally went away and he got a small rash so we're thinking it was roseola.)  Less than thirty minutes after returning to Mimi's house from the doctor's office, I was running to the bathroom with a horrible stomach virus that seemed to come out of nowhere.  It beat me up for about 6 hours straight.  Thank goodness my Mom was around to take care of both of us!  What would I do without her?   I was so sick that night that I never even made it home.  Matt picked Thomas up and kept the kids at our house and I crawled upstairs to my childhood bedroom for the night.  The virus was gone the next day but it took me a good 24 hours to get my energy back!  Thomas and I laid on Mimi's futon and watched her sew the following day.  So much for knocking out orders that Thursday and Friday!

Everyone was back in good health by Saturday so we were able to go to church to see Miss Lilli Greer get baptized!  Such a special day!  I'm so glad we were able to be there for her big moment, even if we were late because of a low tire and then spent half of the service in the lobby with our loud children...  We did at least see her actually get baptized!  My mom made her gown and sadly, I didn't get a full shot of it.  Isn't she such a pretty girl?!

Another round of uncooperative kids in cute matching church clothes...Katie Wynn is getting so much better about letting me take her picture!

I'll take her sweet kisses any day I can get them!

We got a new gas pump for the coupe cars that gets drug out everyday along with the cars.  "Hey, hey Mama, I gotta put grass in the cars."

Matt lost a bet to a coworker during the month of September.  Therefore, he also lost the sleeves to his shirt...

We love when Addi Clare comes over for dinner.  These two girls play so well together!  

And then little brother always comes along and ruins everything! :)

It wouldn't be a monthly phone pics post without pictures of Katie Wynn trying on clothes!  This dress is her first Matilda Jane outfit.  I have really been trying to hold off on buying her these clothes until she is a little bit bigger (I want to dress her like a little girl as long as I can!) but I had some credit from the trunk show we hosted so I picked out this dress for her.  And I think she's so stinkin' cute in it I may have to start buying her more MJ stuff!

These were samples from our trunk show.  They don't have her name on them so I was going to sell them if they didn't fit.  It's a good thing they fit ok because I don't think I could get them away from her now.  She loves getting new clothes!

Our church has a new logo so they've had several new merchandise items with it printed on it available for sale.  Matt brought home this new cup and Katie-bug claimed it for herself immediately.  She thinks it's amazing and loves sliding the top open and closed.

Katie Wynn's best buddy, Addi Clare, has a birthday just 5 days before KW's so her birthday party is usually the weekend before ours.  This year, Katie Wynn was so excited to go to AC's house to play in the new playhouse that her daddy had built her for her birthday.  Then we got there and she saw that there were other people there and totally clammed up, like she does at every other party.  I had to carry her up the stairs and into the playhouse so she'd go play.  Eventually I was able to sneak down but she stuck her head out often to make sure I was still close by.  You can see in the group picture below how shy and reserved she gets in crowds.  She was not happy about being up there for that picture!

Too busy eating her cupcake to smile with the birthday girl!

Too busy eating her cupcake to smile with the birthday girl!

Every now and then she begs me to take her picture for school.  And I'm always happy to do it.  (Thomas doesn't always agree.)

On Katie Wynn's actual birthday, I had my hair painted!  It's been a long time since I've had any color on my hair so I was slightly nervous.  These aren't really good before and after shots at all but you can kinda see the lighter color in the picture on the right.  This [new?] technique that my hairstylist is now doing is very subtle and naturally sun-kissed looking.  I love the way it turned out!

We went to our church's annual fall Hullabaloo.  I had my hands full carrying kids most of the time so I only have a couple pictures from it!  Katie Wynn wouldn't sit up on the hay bales with her brother for anything.  Boo!  

But we got a semi-decent one with their grandparents!  Lala made Katie Wynn sit up there with her.  

Lala and Poppa gave Katie Wynn some new puppy dog jammies for her birthday.  But they didn't leave Thomas out - he got a pair too!  I just love it when they're nice and clean and in cute pajamas at the end of the day.  They always smell so good and are usually pretty sweet!

One day after work I got some good hugs and lovin' from my little guy.  And then right after this picture was taken, he bit me.

Even though I try hard not to dress my kids too "grown," I'm a sucker for little vests.  They are so cute!  When I took this picture, Katie Wynn told me, "Hey Mama, we're vest frands."  

I hope they are always each other's best buddy!  Birthday pictures to come soon!