Do you want to build a snowman?

Neither Mom nor I had anything to hang on our front doors after taking down our Christmas decorations, so they were looking a little sad.  We needed some winter door hangings STAT!  Friday we were in Hobby Lobby shopping around and bought the materials needed to make snowmen to hang during these next couple of winter months.

I actually had the idea for these last year but didn't execute it.  This is one of those things that I don't know if I've seen somewhere or saw something similar or came up with it totally on my own.  I'm not sure, it was just in my head!

We gathered up all of our supplies: cheap embroidery hoops in three different sizes, buttons in varying sizes, and different colors of felt.  The buttons and embroidery hoops were purchased from the Hob Lob, but we already had the stash of felt.  

First, fill each of your embroidery hoops with white felt.  We did double layers so it would be a little bit more substantial and not see-through.  And the white felt we had had glitter in it...festive!

Then trim off the excess fabric.  Cut right up to the edge of the hoop.  Here are front and back views.

Repeat those steps until you have all three different sized circles done.

Since my mom has double front doors, we were working on three at one time (two for her, one for me).  Use a hot glue gun to glue the circles together in the shape of a snowman.  Do it from the backside and just pile that glue on there!  (You could also wire the outside hoops together before putting the fabric in...might be sturdier.)

Next, I cut out noses from orange felt.  I just freehanded them - no need for precision since real carrots aren't perfect!

Using our hot glue gun, we glued down the felt nose and also different sizes and colors of buttons to make eyes, a mouth, and...buttons.

We planned to tie old scarves of my mom's around their necks, but they still needed a little something else.  Using more felt, we cut out hats for them to wear.  Again, I just freehanded the shape.  To make it stand up, I cut two sides out for the hat and sandwiched a piece of cardstock between them to make it sturdier.  

The last step is to rig up a way to hang it on your door.  I took a small binder clip and clipped the loop of my top embroidery hoop, behind the hat.  Then I was able to hang it on the nail in our door by one of the little tabs sticking out.

Finally, just hang them on your door(s) and stand back to admire them!  

photo 2.JPG

Mine has already been hanging for several windy days and it's still hanging in there!  (And revamping those sad flower beds is high on the priority list for this spring/summer.)

photo 4.JPG

Let me know if you build a snowman for your own front door.  I'd love to see a picture of it!