Splash Pad!

I'm a huge fan of splash pads and a new one just opened up very close to our home.  It's awesome because it's brand new, perfectly sized for Katie Wynn-aged kids, and is free!  My friend Emily and I met there with our kids one Thursday morning and pretty much had the place to ourselves.  I'm sure it will become more and more crowded as word gets out that it's open, but we enjoyed letting our kids run wild while we could.  

I tried to snap a few pictures on my phone but none of them are stellar.  All four of the kids were too scared to actually run through the water sprinklers, but they loved for them to be on so they could splash around them.  The slide was a super big hit too.

Four kids looking in one picture?  Impossible.

4 kids
four kids

Narrowing it down to three doesn't make it any easier...

three kids

In typical kid fashion, if one was interested in the slide, they were ALL interested in the slide.


Actually, Katie Wynn pretty much stayed on the slide the majority of the time we were there.  She has definitely gotten past the fear of going down them alone!


It's funny, even though Katie Wynn is much closer in age with the twins (they will be in the same grade), she almost always ends up buddying up with Alice and they play together.  They even showed up in matching swimsuits!


Checking out the water spouts, but keeping a safe distance...

water sprinklers

Anna Charlotte's bright blue eyes are always so pretty!


Emily came much more prepared than me.  Thank goodness she brought snacks!! 


Alice was a good big sister to all three of the little kids and doled out cheezits to each of them. 

snack time

By 11:30, we were loading everybody up to head home for lunch.  The best part about a morning at the splash pad is definitely the awesome afternoon nap!!  I can't wait to go back!