A Day At The Farm

A few weeks ago, we were invited to a birthday party for my coworker's little boy, Sam.  Sam came to Katie Wynn's petting zoo party last September and LOVED getting to feed the goat, so his parents thought a birthday party on a farm would be very fitting for him.  And it was!

The party was held at Menagerie Farm which was quite the drive from our house.  As we were driving there, I told Matt no matter how fun it was we could not have a birthday party there because it would be so far away from where we (and most of our party guests) live.  By the time we left, I was trying to convince him that we could just borrow the church vans so everyone could ride together to a party out there.  It was so much fun, and perfect for little kids!

One of the reasons a party at this farm is so perfect for little (read: short attention span) kids is that you never stop moving from place to place.  We arrived a few minutes late so we missed the first stop - pony rides.  (Probably ok because I doubt Katie Wynn would've done that anyway.)  We almost didn't join the party at all because Katie Wynn was so enamored with the chickens that we passed walking up (photo below on left).  She just wanted to hang out with them!  We caught up with the party group just in time to throw fish food off a dock to all the catfish.  Oh my gosh, those fish were terrifying to me!  They were so big...and hungry!  I had a death grip on Katie Wynn so she wouldn't fall over the rail and be eaten alive by catfish. 

I didn't take pictures at every stop, but after feeding the fish the kids got to "dig for gold" in little pails of dirt and then cash their gold in for prizes.  Thank goodness for Matt helping Katie Wynn because you know she couldn't get her hands dirty.  There was also a cute little train ride that we sadly just watched because our shy girl hadn't opened up enough to ride yet.

The next stop was feeding goats and llamas!  Matt and I took turn feeding them while Katie Wynn watched and petted.  (She didn't want the food in her hands; I swear she hates for her hands to have ANYTHING on them.)

A lot of animals at this farm just wander around on their own instead of being in pens, like this duck below.  I was impressed with how calm it was with all the kids running up to touch it!  

Also roaming around was a miniature bull and a miniature cow.  I'm not sure I knew such things existed, especially not friendly ones!  


In case you're wondering from the pics, yes, I put Katie Wynn in a dress and new sandals for a party at a farm.  Poor planning on my part, but she looked cute!  Matt held her a lot since there were several...piles...to avoid.

After petting goats and bulls, can you believe that Katie Wynn wouldn't have anything to do with the cute, fuzzy little duckling?!?  Even with Matt holding it, she wouldn't dare touch it.  She just wanted to get down so she could chase after the chickens some more! 

I stopped taking pictures after the chickens but we wrapped up the party under a gazebo/picnic area where we had lunch and cake and ice cream.  It was such a great setting for a birthday party!  Maybe we'll be back for another one some day...

Thanks to the help of a Chik-Fil-A sandwich, we were able to keep Katie Wynn awake for the long ride home.  This was crucial so that she'd take a good afternoon nap in her bed.  And nap she did...froggy style!

More overdue posts coming soon, hopefully before her baby brother arrives! :)