Still Pregnant

At the time of writing this, I am 27 weeks plus 5 days pregnant with our little boy!  The tables have really turned for this pregnancy during the last three weeks.  I've gone from feeling great and almost forgetting that I'm pregnant most of the time, to being really ready birth this baby and have my body back to myself.  On the one hand, I'm shocked that I'm already in my third trimester (probably because we haven't done a single thing to prepare yet!) and on the other, how is it not over yet??

Here are some bullets about what's going on these days:

  • At my last appointment, the baby's heart rate was around 145, which is good.  I got the very dreaded glucola drink for my next appointment.  The big day is this coming Wednesday and I have pretty much been dreading it since I left the last appointment.  I really do NOT want to have to drink that stuff again!!  I am trying to prepare myself by reducing the amount of sugar I eat for the next few days.  NOT an easy task for this candy-holic!
  • I feel like I am enormous already.  Last Sunday, I finally had Matt take a picture so I could compare to the same week with Katie Wynn.  Of course, that's the week I skipped with Katie Wynn.  Oops.  :)  But, for comparison's sake, here I am last Sunday (at 26 weeks) compared to 27 weeks last time.  I don't think I look much bigger in these pictures, but I feel bigger!  I also feel like I am carrying higher this go-round, which is backwards of the old wives' tale that says you carry boys low and girls high. 
26 weeks
27 weeks
  • There is no hiding my belly button.  It's sad.  I swear, it's like a headlight everywhere I go.  I watch everyone's eyes go down and look at it when they're talking to me.  And Katie Wynn is obsessed with it so that's fun.  She's not satisfied with just seeing it through my clothes, though, she'd rather pull up my shirt to get a good look which isn't awkward at all in public.
  • Speaking of old wives' tales, there is one that has been ringing true every single night.  One of my friends told me that you crave citrusy juices when you're having a girl and milk-based things when it's a boy.  I ate popsicles like crazy when I was pregnant with Katie Wynn, and this go round?  I have a chocolate milkshake every night before bed.  (Um, hello!  Maybe that's why I feel enormous??)  I also want cereal with milk for breakfast every morning.  
  • My tailbone pain has returned.  It made an appearance early in the first trimester (I thought it was sciatica at first) and then went away.  Last weekend it returned with a vengeance, making me cringe every single time I transitioned from sitting to standing.  I had one full day of intense pain but since then, it kinda comes and goes throughout the day.
  • The restless legs are back in full force too.  I wish I could just cut them off sometimes.
  • I have started trying to pick up tiny boy clothes any time I'm out shopping.  It is so hard because I'd much rather look at the cute girl clothes!  Since we don't have a closet (or name!) for him yet, Katie Wynn's closet is slowly getting filled with blue things too.  We have purchased a couple coming home outfits (one looks big) that I can't wait to see him in!
  • When I was pregnant with Katie Wynn, I got choked up every time I heard Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up" come on the radio.  I'm not sure why - blame it on the crazy hormones, maybe?  This time it's Avicii's "Hey Brother."  It gets me every time.  I have not yet figured out how my heart will grow enough to love another little person as much as I love Katie Wynn (I know it will just happen), but I do know already that there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do for our little brother.
  • About his nursery: it's currently still an old office that's holding a bunch of junk.  We have done a lot of brainstorming but no actual work.  Because it used to be an office, it has zero closet space so we are actually hoping Cesar (who did our mudroom built-ins) will come build us a wall-to-wall wardrobe.  He's agreed to the job but can't get to us for a couple weeks.  Now that we have a plan, I'm ready to get started!!  Here is what we have come up with - a sketch on paper is on the left and then we actually tried to draw it to scale using chalk on the wall (shown on the right).
sketch on wall
  • In other nursery news, we finally have fabric!  Which means there's a color scheme!  I waffled back and forth between about three different ideas but finally settled on this collection of khaki and denim stripes that I had to custom-order.  We were nervous it could take months for it to come in so we quickly pulled the trigger and then bam, it was here the very next week!  Guess that means someone (ahem, Mom....) has to get busy sewing! :)
  • We have a stationery chair that we plan to use for the nursery, but have ordered a swivel glider attachment to convert it to a rocker.  As soon as that comes in and we see if it works, we can send the chair off to get recovered.  I still need to shop for a crib and something to use as a changing table.
  • I have one old piece to use as storage that I plan on refinishing.  The first step is stripping off some old paint and since I can't do that, I need to sweet talk my husband (or Mom?) into doing it for me so the transformation can get underway.  

That's all I can think of to update on.  Plus, I have a little lady who wants to play, so I better go play!  Cross your fingers for me that I pass the gross glucose test this week...