Lala and Poppa Came to Town!

The day after Thanksgiving, Matt's parents - otherwise known as Lala and Poppa - arrived at our house for a 12 day visit.  We were so glad to see them!  Not only were they coming to celebrate the December birthdays with us, but they were also doing us a HUGE favor by keeping our rugrats while we were in Palm Springs.  I was glad that Katie Wynn and Thomas would be in good hands while we were away, and I was also glad that we'd get to visit with them for a few days before we left!

Their first couple of nights here, we had the big kids at our house too.  The babies got to wear their Christmas pajamas for the first time and we started a new Christmas tradition - opening up a Christmas book each night during December to read before bed.

Each Christmas book was opened with much excitement by Katie Wynn was given to anyone (and everyone) in the room so they could read it to her.

We had a weekend of fantastically warm weather and were able to spend some time hanging out on our patio.

After we left on vacation, Lala and Poppa continued on with the weekday routines and opening one book each night.  I can't wait to re-wrap the books so the kids can open them again next year.  

Lala and Poppa left our house a day or two after we returned from Palm Springs, but we got to see them again less than two weeks later when we traveled to their house!  Pics coming soon...