Meet Charlie!

About a month ago, my parents welcomed a new member to the family - a sweet, wire-haired dapple dachshund named Charlie!  

Shortly after their older wire-haired dachshund Henry passed away (who we still miss terribly!), my dad couldn't stand the quiet in their home (remember, they'd never been without a dog) and took to the internet to find a new pet.  He knew for sure he wanted another dachshund as it's their favorite breed.  I think Charlie makes the fourth or fifth one they've had?  Plus, my Minnie girl was practically theirs too so add her to the count.  Dad's also a fan of the wire-haired because they're just not as common around here (though they're the most common dachshund in Germany - weird!).  Anyway, after lots of searching, he found a breeder he liked in Florida that had some puppies available and next thing you know, Dad was sending money their way in exchange for Charlie!

Excuse the bad photo - it was rainy and we were outside under a crappy yellow light!

Excuse the bad photo - it was rainy and we were outside under a crappy yellow light!

Charlie was born on the fourth of July and was originally named Omlet (yes, misspelled).  His siblings on the website were Macaroni and Beans.  I wouldn't really have put those three together, would you have?  (Fun fact: Lolli's original name was Popcorn!)  I suggested the name "Indy" - short for Independence to tie in to Charlie's birth date, but Dad overruled.  Whatever, I still think it would've been cute.  

Charlie is "dappled" which means he has spots.  His coloring is so funny - his head is completely brown and his body is almost solid white except for a few brown spots on his left side.  Mom says that a small kid must've colored him.  His hair is a little longer than Henry's was but not nearly as curly.  He weighed only 4 pounds the day he arrived.  Speaking of which - he traveled on a plane by himself!  The poor little guy had never even been outside except to go to and from the vet and was just put on a plane by himself to go to a new forever home.  Then he was bombarded with lots of crazy people that wanted to meet and hold him!  I'm sure his anxiety levels were a little high that day.


We left him for the night to get settled in with my parents at his new house, but Thomas and I were back first thing the next morning to see him again!  I think my parents had gotten less sleep than I do with two small kids.  They're back in the newborn stage.  :)

How sweet is this little puppy face??  (And those baby toes?!)

By the second day, Charlie was already following my mom around the house.  Every step she took, he took too (well, times four since he has shorter legs!).  He cries if she even thinks about leaving him in a room by himself.  But as soon as my dad gets home in the evenings, he becomes his little sidekick.  I think he knows exactly which one will spoil him!  

The first full week of having Charlie at home, my mom texted me at work one day to say she couldn't find him for a few minutes but finally saw that he had climbed up into the baby swing all by himself!

And now that swing has become his favorite place to hang out!  My mom kept our kids one weekend and this was her audience while she put on her makeup in the morning.  Yes, she moves the swing from room to room so that Charlie can sit wherever she is.  

One day I was working over there and needed to set Thomas down for a minute so I put him in the swing.  Charlie looked at me as if I'd lost my mind.  The nerve I had just putting a baby down in his swing.  He climbed in on top of Thomas to let him know who it really belonged to which did not make Thomas happy at all.

I guess Charlie tried to get Thomas back by stealing his BabyBjorn Bouncer seat.  The joke was on him, though, when he got stuck like this!

He did a little bit better the second time he climbed into it, but it still doesn't look very comfortable for a dog!

Lately, the baby boys are getting along much better.  They can often be spotted hanging out on the floor together.

I only have to intervene when Charlie tries to climb on top of Thomas.

But he does a great job of keeping Thomas's hands (and face) clean!

Remember how I said Charlie was Dad's little sidekick?  He gets a little jealous when Dad's attention is on someone else...  (and Thomas has already figured out how to pull puppy hair!)


This is how Dad and Charlie spend their Saturday afternoons.

And Dad is such a pushover that just a few whimpers from Charlie got him a prime seat at the dinner table.  

At least Mom is trying to give Charlie some good home training.  She makes him help with the dishes.

Getting to see Charlie is just an added perk to visiting Mimi and Poppy now!

Bren has already taken him on a few trips down the slide!  (I should post the video I took because Charlie's ears flopping the whole way down is pretty funny.)

So far we have all really enjoyed getting to know Charlie and are glad to have him as part of our family.  Though I think we'd like him even more if he could get his overactive bladder under control.  ;)