Burlap Door Hanger

My mom and I got crafty this past weekend and tried our hand at making those burlap door decorations you see everywhere.  I love the "burlees" because they're cute, come in a huge variety of different designs, and they don't scratch up your doors.  Win, win, win!

This reversible pumpkin is the first one I ever bought and it might still be my favorite. 

pumpkin 1.jpg
pumpkin 2.jpg

The other two that I have are a Christmas stocking and the "It's A Girl" one from when Katie Wynn was born.  It hangs on her bedroom door now.

it's a girl.jpg

My mom's front doors are double doors so she always has to buy two door hangers.  She's got two cute Christmas ones in the shape of ornaments but I don't have a picture of them.  This past spring we both bought burlap door hangers that look like flower pots with three flowers in them.  These are not the official Burlee brand that you can buy in boutiques, but instead made by someone local.  They were ok, but neither of us LOVED them and by now we were ready for a change. 

I took pictures along the way of our process so that I could do a tutorial for you, but we know we did a few things wrong so I'm not ready to share the process yet.  We have plans to have another craft weekend and make more so I'll do a tutorial after we've worked out some of the kinks. 

Even with our mess-ups, though, I think our reversible crosses came out pretty cute!  We both have a side that is turquoise with big yellow polka dots.  I didn't take a good detail shot but the yellow polka dots are lined with small brick red polka dots.  Super cute up close.  (And looks really nice with those really dead ferns, no?)

The other side of my cross is yellow with brown polka dots and a blue and white striped trim.  And yes, it looks like a chocolate chip cookie.  That was not really intentional.


I think Mom's look great!  It's hard for her to find door decorations that are affordable enough to buy two and don't look silly having two side by side.  I think these work as a set of two and since we had all the materials already, you can't beat free! 


I need to take a close-up of her brick red side because it's really cute too.  

Now that we know we can do this and think we know how to do it better, the wheels are really turning in my head of all the different designs we could do.  I can't wait to get back at it!