Hap, hap, happy fortieth birthday to my one and only, Matthew David!! You don't look at day older than 28. :)

If you're looking for your present, I already gave it to you...back in June...remember that party?

Today, just for fun and to honor mah man, I thought I'd share forty facts that you may or may not know about Matt.

1.  In high school, he starred in Fiddler on the Roof, Guys and Dolls, and Sound of Music. 

2. When he was little, he would roll the edge of his blanket into a point, suck on it, and then stick it in his eye.

3.  He can rap all the words to the Linkin Park and Jay Z mashup Numb/Encore.

4.  He ran his first half marathon under two hours.

5.  At age 15, he became an Eagle Scout.

eagle scout.jpg

6.  He won his elementary school's spelling bee.

7.  During the summer of 1988, he rode his bike 7 miles to school every day to take driver's ed.

8.  He has been in 49 states.

9.  He's never had a cavity.

10.  At age 10, he got his first pair of glasses.  He switched to contacts when he was 14.


11.  He consecutively held the 7th and 8th grade push-up and sit-up records at Clark Pleasant Middle School.

12.  He has to lie down to have his blood drawn.

13.  He's a good cook.

14.  He has two grandfathers that were veterans of WW2.

15.  As a senior, he was awarded a Marine Corps ROTC scholarship but was medically disqualified after tearing his rotator cuff in a wrestling match.


16.  One of his favorite song lyrics is from "Kiss" by Prince...Act your age, not your shoe size...

17.  His right ear has "cauliflower ear."

18.  He once bench-pressed 265 pounds without a spotter in his own garage.

19.  He loves newborn babies and would hold them all day.

20.  He owns 11 suits.


21.  At any wedding, he makes a point to compliment the bride on her big day.

22.  He has worked for his current employer for 8 years, 9 days.

23.  He was the Most Outstanding Performer in his high school show choir.

24.  He won a state championship with his adult competitive tennis team.

25.  For 4 years and 5 shoes sizes, he insisted on wearing the exact same pair of shoes.

this is my shirt.jpg

26.  On the golf course, he's had one hole-in-one and shot 75 twice.

27.  Tootsie Rolls are his very favorite candy.

28.  He's terrified of snakes.

29.  He still wears the Cole Haan belt that he got for his 23rd birthday.

30.  In the summer of 1994, he sold educational study guides door to door in northern Florida.

college portrait.jpg

31.  He is a CPA, CFA and is three for three on FINRA exams.

32.  At 10 pounds, 1.5 ounces, he did not fit in the stocking that all other December babies were placed in for discharge at Bartholomew County Regional Hospital.

33.  On his 21st birthday, he drank a pitcher of beer, two gin and tonics, and 23 shots of liquor.

34.  In 2000, he spent 6 months working at a Dot Com that Dot Bombed.

35.  For Matt, 1992 was the year of the mullet.


36.  He has never had braces.

37.  He's been under anesthesia twice.

38.  As a child, he had a terrible temper.

39.  He balances his checkbook every single day.

40.  He's forty and has no grey hair.


Happy birthday, Love!  Here's to forty more...and then some!