Zoo Boo!

Last weekend, we met up with some of our friends and their kiddos for a trip to Zoo Boo!  That's when our local zoo opens up after hours and has lots of spooky night displays and trick-or-treating for the kids.  Mostly, I was just excited about seeing the kids dressed up! 

Katie Wynn was a pink puppy dog (technically a poodle) and this was her first time to don the whole costume.  I'm really glad it fit!  Isn't she the cutest puppy dog you've ever seen?

puppy dog

I really wish I had a picture of all six kids in their costumes, but with the crowds and some being in strollers, it just didn't happen.  As soon as we made it into the zoo, we made a beeline for the Cat House Cafe so we could eat dinner.  You know little kids don't like to be kept waiting when it comes to food!   Addi Clare the lady bug and Katie Wynn the puppy dog dined together.  And they even kept their hoods on!

lady bug and puppy dog
lady bug and puppy dog

Here are some snapshots from after dinner.  Sadly, we lost half of our group right after leaving the Cat House Cafe because it was so crowded.  Those of us that were still together just walked around and checked out a few exhibits before it got too dark and too cold for our little ones.  (And yes, Katie Wynn is carrying a treat bag.  No, she did not get any candy.  She just loves carrying around "purses!")


Below is Emily the ballerina (with her mama, Susan) & Everett dressed as Charlie Brown.


I'm really not sure why I even bothered trying to get pictures of the three girls together.  Talk about wiggle worms!   


We ended the night with some pictures as a scarecrow. 


It was a pretty fun night and I'm really glad I got to see all the kids dressed up.  (Missing from this post are Olivia the Lady Bug and Grant the Dragon.)  I think we may have jumped the gun, though, with Zoo Boo.  Most of the activities (actually, ALL of the activities) were geared toward older kids, so I don't think we'll be missing out on anything if we don't go back for a few years.  At least the caramel apple was really good!  :)