Party Favors

I just remembered I took pictures of the party favors we gave out at KW's party and thought I'd share them in case anyone's looking for an idea.  You have to have access to an embroidery machine to make these, but I know so many of you reading this have that already so maybe it'll be helpful to someone! 

The pattern I used is the Crayon Roll from  Planet Applique and it's all done in the hoop.  It's super easy to do after you've figured out the steps.  My mom and I worked through a couple together and then, because she's a total ROCK STAR, she made the rest of them while I was at work.  Thanks, Mom!!

Here are pics of the finished products.  I used the three fabrics that I had purchased for the party so they tied in with the color scheme.   On the inside of the roll, I used the same two fabrics but switched their order for the boys and girls.  Adding the names isn't technically a step in the pattern, but it's really easy to add it in along the way.  I used coral thread for the girls' names and blue for the boys'.

crayon roll

The pattern stitches lines to make individual pockets for the crayons. 

photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG

After the crayons are in, you just roll 'em up and tie a cute bow!  I used the floral-ish fabric for the girls but stuck with the blue for the boys so they wouldn't be too girly.   

crayon roll
crayon roll

At our party, we asked guests to bring a donation to Heifer International in lieu of gifts.  (We thought Heifer went along with the "petting zoo" theme and we certainly didn't need loads of new toys!)  So I included a Heifer coloring book with each of the crayon rolls.   

I think these little rolls are perfect for moms to throw in their purse when on the go.  They'd be great to pull out at a restaurant or during church, and it's nice to have a non-candy option for a party favor.  Hope someone else tackles them, and I hope all of our guests are enjoying theirs!