Random Ramblings

Not much time to write today, so here's some random thoughts in semi-bullet form. ---Have you seen the turtleneck page that I added?  I have updated it with the first week's worth of turtleneck pictures.  Please admire the turtlenecks and excuse the awfulness of my appearance in most of them.  Maybe I'll have time to add this week's photos tonight. 

---I read a blog post on Tuesday where the blogger wrote about how she was going to try to do better this month about blogging and was setting herself a goal of writing a post every work day during the month of December.  I thought it sounded like a good challenge and decided I'd try to do that too.  But now it's the third day of December and I'm just now writing my first post.  Oops?

---I ordered my Christmas cards ridiculously early (well, early for me).  I had them in hand a week before Thanksgiving and had high hopes of getting them addressed and putting them in the mail the day after Turkey Day.  As of right now, they're still sitting on the counter.  I can't find any time to address the darn things! And it's driving me crazy! Hopefully they'll make it to the mailbox before Christmas day. 

---If a sarcasm font existed, I'd use it right now to write about how much I love that my face is breaking out like I'm a 12-year-old pre-teen and that it makes me feel pretty.  And that it's a good thing I like polka dots since that's the current state of my face and at least I match my Christmas decor.

---Today is my sister-in-law's birthday.  Happy birthday, Beth!  I hope you have a fantastic day and get to spend it stuffing your face full of carbs so that you have the energy to run 13.1 miles tomorrow morning. 

I will try to make my next post a little more interesting.  I can't promise anything, though.