Wyatt's High School Graduation!

Last month, Wyatt graduated from high school!  It's hard to believe that he's old enough to be done with school.  Wasn't he just playing little league basketball and sleeping in the top bunk?

His graduation was on a Saturday afternoon at an enormous church.  He had to rent his cap and gown and would only have it (and be available for pictures) for about 45 minutes before the ceremony started.  So we took some quick pictures with him before heading inside to get seats.


Katie Wynn recently lost her first tooth and saved one of her dollars to give to Wyatt as a graduation present.  She was mostly excited about getting to wrap it up by herself.  Of course, that morning Thomas needed a dollar so he could do it too.  Wyatt was really good sport opening his two dollars and thanking them.  :)


After securing a row of seats, the littles and I killed time in the lobby.  They can only sit still and quiet for so long and I didn't want to waste any of it on waiting for the service to start!


Wyatt was one of six graduates that got to sit on stage for the whole ceremony.  He and two other boys (twin brothers!) tied for salutatorian so they were all included in the order of events.  Wyatt was the second student to speak and he introduced the president of the school to come speak. 


Thank goodness for the big screens since the students sat in the very front section and we couldn't get very close.  From where we were sitting behind the sound booth, we got to watch him on the big screens, live on stage, and through the little screen in the booth.  Here he is accepting his diploma and perfect attendance award. 


We are so very proud of Wyatt and all that he has achieved thus far.  If you noticed in the pictures above, he was wearing a Georgia Tech tie - the school he has committed to attending in the fall.  With his fun personality, sharp thinking skills, and incredible work ethic, we know he will do great things there over the next four years.  We can't wait to visit him in Atlanta too!

I'm not sure if Wyatt was tired by the end of the day, but graduation sure wore these two out.


Now with one child out of school, we have one (Katie Wynn) who will be starting in the fall.  Next year, just the girls will be in regular school!