Fall Semester 2017

I love the preschool that our kids go to for many, many reasons, and one of those reasons is Mr. Scott.  Mr. Scott is married to Mrs. Evelyn, the school secretary, and he is a photographer.  I do not know what his "real" job is during the week, but in his free time, he comes to the school and takes pictures of the students and posts them to Facebook for the parents to see.  Not only are his pictures good, but it's such a good way to get a peek at what our kids are doing during the day - who they're sitting with at lunch, what they're doing on the playgrounds, etc.  He takes the majority of his pictures in the cafeteria, on the playground, or at pickup and drop off - he doesn't go into the classrooms and interrupt class.  

Anyway, this post is all [most] of the pictures Mr. Scott took of our kids during the fall semester this year.  I wanted to post them here so I would be able to have them somewhere other than just on his Facebook page.  

Katie Wynn

This picture below has been one of my favorites - I just love those big grins on the girls' faces! 


This is Katie Wynn's class, taught by Mrs. Kim, on Halloween.  For my memory's sake, the students are (left to right) Alex, Pacey, Gabe, Genesis, Katie Wynn, Addi Clare, Benton, Anna Sofia, Juan, Mason, Levi, and Lexi Claire.  



And here is Thomas's class, taught by Mrs. Gladys, on Halloween.  The students are Matiana, Reed, Eli, Urban, Ava, Rileigh, Gates, Liam, Macie, and Thomas.  



The last week of school before the holiday break, Santa came to visit.  They let each class come and take pictures with him and then they call all siblings to come and have their picture made together.  Thomas did great with his class!  


And this was the best picture of Katie Wynn with her class.  There are actual several where her teacher is trying to push her towards Santa because she wouldn't walk up on her own. 


I just happened to be at the school dropping something off when they were doing the sibling pictures, so I got to see them take theirs.  She only did this well because I was standing behind the camera man telling her to be a big girl!


That's all the pictures from the first semester of school.  I'll keep collecting them to do another post at the end of the school year!